Code Signed

A creative technology studio and lifestyle brand.

CodeSigned is founded on a simple idea that all people deserve access to technology that improves their quality of life. Just imagine a world where technology has been democratized to benefit all of humanity. A world where the tools to solve life's problems are universally accessible so that people can be the best at everything they do. Using our portfolio of brands, we help people and businesses streamline their everyday lives.


The Mission

CodeSigned's mission is to use insight, data, and artificial intelligence to identify niche problems that we can solve with technology. We will attempt to directly solve as many problems as possible with technology, but will also consider our mission fulfilled if our work aids others to achieve this outcome.

Rodney "RJ" Gainous Jr

Rodney is an African-American technology entrepreneur, engineer, and author. From humble beginnings, Rodney was born in Detroit, raised in Farmington Hills. Ambitious from a young age; Rodney grew up cutting grass, picking up leaves and shoveling snow to make extra money, a pretty normal existence. Up until he taught himself how to code, building A.I. bots that he sold to 30k+ gamers by the time he was 16, making $200k in the process. In 2011, while still in High School, Rodney continued to follow his curiosity in software, and self-published Android and iOS apps that grossed 250k+ downloads.

In 2016, Rodney sold everything and moved Silicon Valley to pursue his career as a Software Engineer. After a year stint in the Bay Area, Rodney moved to Los Angeles, and started as the 6th engineer to join Bird. Raised to believe that anything is possible, “I can’t” has never been a part of his vocabulary. In 2019, Rodney founded CodeSigned to encompass his creative interests in consumer products, digital media, and technology. Rodney is based in Los Angeles and can be found online @RG2Official.

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